I have nothing going on in my life. It’s great!

Adeline’s Spirit Animal

Your head is totally a different color

Can we do that cinnamon role thing?

Car Wash

She put a spell on him

Hey Siri, if you were a kid…

Your brain probably is working

I feel tall!

The third one is always the charm

Aren’t my announcements bringing us so much joy?

Cartwheel Alert!

Dustin is impressed with me!

Mom is searching the all over the internet for anything she can get mad

My little feet can take me big places!

I like to get stuff, but I don’t like to spend my money.

Maisy Takes A Bath

In mom’s leg

One day your butt’s going to shrink

Just type in ‘clean hotel’

Hyperactive Donkey Teeth

Little Brenden face

All I want for Christmas

I just want to find my phone

Dad wishes he could fart to make mom laugh.

Don’t camera me

Hazel Penny Singing – Jul 27 2020

Skippy John Jones

Penny Singing about Chloe (puppet)

Little Too Fast Big Year Old